We developed Oyoyo to deliver excellence and excellent communication and business transactions between fashionistas and designers while saving you time, energy, money, and stress. We started Oyoyo app because we wanted to simplify sewing clothes and weaving elegant African garments. There are millions of busy elites in society who do not have enough time at their disposal to visit fashion designer workplaces for measurements and discussions around clothing. “we invented an application to cater for these needs, where professional tailors meet their customers online. Now you can have perfectly custom-made and fitted clothes delivered to your home at the most affordable price.”

Lanre Sanni CEO

People with common goals and interest founded Oyoyo to showcase the African beauty of design to the world. Our web app has provided a perfect fit at a reasonable cost where all our designers and weaver charge a fair price for all their services. At Oyoyo we love helping people to feel and look at their best at the most affordable price!!! Besides, our numerous options ranging from local dress styles to model styles and fashion trends set us aside from any other platform you might encounter.